Cost Comparison

There is a significant difference between the prices Executive Furniture Leasing International charges their clients and what the competition charges their customers for the same furniture, even though we have much higher quality furniture and more selection.

Table 1, Rental Furniture for a 4-Bedroom House shows a cost comparison of the furniture you would receive from EFLI versus a major national furniture rental company in the United States based on furnishing a typical 4-bedroom house. Renting furniture from EFLI would save you more than $700.00 a month based on their advertised rates. We also provide furniture and electronic items not available from our competitors. Some national furniture rental companies boast about having the largest inventory of rental furniture in the world. But EFLI has the largest selection of furniture in the United States and it is available to place in your home or apartment usually within three days of submitting a final inventory. Take the time to shop and compare and you will see the difference. You get more” Bang for your Buck” with Executive Furniture Leasing International.

So get started and have fun. You are in good hands.