Who do we contact to get our rental furniture?

Contact Executive Furniture Leasing International’s main office in Watersound, Florida. This information is listed under contacts.

Is there a minimal rental period?

Yes. The minimum lease for our furniture is 12 months or longer. If your stay extends past the time frame indicated in the lease, the lease will convert to a month-to-month rental.

Do we have to put down a deposit on the furniture?

Companies leasing furniture do not have to put down a deposit to secure their furniture but will have to provide a security deposit in the lease to ensure the Lessee’s compliance with the terms of the Lease. A separate agreement has been pre-approved with Embassies, Consulates, and Missions to the UN that do not require a security deposit.

Can you provide assistance in selecting furniture for my residence?

Yes. We always contact our clients after they select furniture to go over their selections and finalize the lease. It is normal to have clients contact us by phone after they receive the laptop computer and make their initial selections to complete their selections over the phone. This way we can help them coordinate their selections and offer suggestions on the type of furniture that would look best with their sofa selections, dining room, master and guest bedroom room choices, and other rooms. It does not cost our clients extra when we add other pieces of furniture to give the house a designer’s look and feel. We want each person’s home to be special and we want to leave each appointment knowing that we have put together a furniture package that will be both functional and attractive. Word of mouth is our best form of advertising and we continue to get referrals both from current clients who have settled here and ex-clients posted back to their countries of origin–sometimes years after leaving the States. Personal contact, follow-up, and service is the backbone of our success.

What if we need some additional furniture or make some minor changes to our inventory during our lease? Do you charge an additional fee to make other deliveries?

We try to accommodate your needs during the length of your stay. If, for some reason, you want to add some items to your inventory or reduce your inventory because of lifestyle changes, we will make every effort to do so–at no extra charge to you. We do however, try to coordinate subsequent deliveries with other deliveries scheduled in your area to reduce costs. So, if you need an extra bookcase or chair, for example, we will deliver it to you for free at no additional rental charge.

If you want to schedule a pickup or delivery and we do not have a scheduled stop in the area, you will be charged the cost of the move.

Is the furniture that Executive Furniture Leasing International delivers new?

The furniture we provide our clients is “new or like new”.

Do you sell any of your furniture?

Yes. But it depends on whether the manufacturer and styles that you wish to purchase are still active and whether we have sufficient inventory to service our lease demands. The furniture we purchase is very high quality and expensive. We do not utilize the same business model that other rental companies use. Most purchase cheap furniture, often using paper wrap which is imprinted to look like wood, and then dispose of it at the end of a lease.

We have access to many brand name furniture companies across the country and can offer furniture that they manufacture at substantial discounts below retail prices. We do this for our clients because we appreciate their business. We are in the business of leasing furniture, not selling it. If you are interested, please contact our main office in Florida for prices and availability.

What is your normal delivery time and standard delivery area?

We can deliver furniture to clients in every State across the continental United States. The delivery time varies on your location and distance from the East and West Coast where our warehouses are located. We can usually deliver anywhere in the United States within 3 days of finalizing your order. To facilitate your move in schedule, we suggest you contact us as soon as you have found a house so we can book it on our calendar. If you have a special schedule you are working with, we can work with you to make this happen.

Can you deliver the furniture I select before I arrive in the United States or at my new business location?

Yes. If we receive authorization from you to enter your new accommodation and have a signed lease, we can set up the furniture before you arrive.

Will I receive the exact furniture I select?

Yes. Because any changes will be identified before we finalize the lease. In some cases, temporary substitutions made be made with your concurrence while we special order what you require. The time frame for follow-up deliveries will be made in consultation with you.

Do you direct bill?

We have set up direct billing accounts with the Embassies and Consulates that we deal with. We can do the same for Corporate Accounts and individuals but we must have an approved credit application on file prior to leasing furniture. Please call our company office and we will send you a credit application or get the information over the phone.