Getting Started

It is very easy to lease furniture from us. You can pick your furniture from the website and create a request form on-line, call or e-mail us and we will send a laptop computer to your temporary accommodation once you arrive in country or are transferred to another business location in the United States, or call us at our main office at (800) 955-5309 to go over your questions and selections over the phone. The furniture we show on the website varies by location so it is important when using the website that you select whether you are being posted to the East or West Coast. In some instances, we may not have certain pieces shown on the web site or the laptop computer because we only purchased a few sets of those pieces and they are already under lease–but that is the exception and not the rule. Once you have made your Furniture Selections, someone from our office will call or e-mail you and finalize the list.

A more complete list and inventory is shown on the laptop computer. For example, most of the bedroom sets we offer come with a variety of different headboards in different sizes including spindle, sleigh, and panel, which you may want to view before making your selections. Not all of these choices are shown on the website.

If you would like to preview the styles of furniture we have to offer, please click on the link Furniture Selections now to access our inventory.